You may be wondering what exactly I can do for you that you can’t do for yourself. Probably nothing. So, why hire me? Because you need time to do the things you do best, not the things you don’t like to do. That’s where I come in: I can do those little time-consuming things that drive you bonkers; or the tedious tasks that put you to sleep; or the frustrating things that make you cry. I will make you, and your business, look good!

Kelly manages to make my stream of consciousness writing sound more real, more like me and more likeable. She is easy to work with and makes the whole blogging thing so much easier for me. Kelly has increased the readership while improving the SEO and look of my blog. My time spent editing has decreased dramatically while I am blogging more consistently and more frequently.

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If your manuscript is ready to be edited or if your business is in need of a little assistance, I can help! How will I do these things, you ask?


Whether it’s a research paper, website content, or a letter to a client, I will scan it for typos and grammatical errors. I will also offer suggestions for smoothing out choppy sentences, changing repetitious words, and fixing overall readability.

I am one of those “grammar police” people you see on social media. When I read something, I naturally know if the spelling,¬†punctuation, and wording are correct. I have been writing, editing, and proofreading for over 26 years. Contact me to discuss rates.

Virtual Assistant

Do you run a small business? Could you use some help with your social media or blog posts? With the plethora of ways available to market your product or service, it’s often confusing trying to remember what you’ve pinned or tweeted and when you did it. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you keep your posts search-engine-optimized, create pin-worthy graphics, and tweet on a regular basis. A VA allows you to focus on writing your blog, selling your product, or serving your clients.

I love to organize things. I can help you create a posting schedule for all of your social media accounts. Once you’ve created a blog post, I can go in and check your SEO, your grammar, and your graphics. I can then create a short link to use on your social media accounts which you can use for tracking clicks. Contact me to start a conversation.

Freelance Writing

Do you need a devotional for a weekly or monthly meeting? Are you in need of a newsletter editor? Do you need blog posts about organizing, homeschooling, family relationships, or staying close to God? My rates are reasonable, and my deadlines met. Check out my blog for samples of my writing, and then contact me to discuss your needs.


Hire Me

You have needs in your life and business. I am the answer, whether it’s writing, proofreading, managing social media, or discussing homeschool curriculum. My goal is to make you look good! How can I serve you today?