Kelly was a dream to work with. I felt her confidence and ability in her field would give me a sense of security knowing that my article would be written well and I was right. The magazine article she wrote for us was a great reflection on our brand. I’ll definitely be working with Kelly in the future!

(Sally Griswold,

Before My Published Life

I can remember back to a time when I made up stories and wrote them out by hand to make “a book.” Well, it was actually a bunch of pieces of loose-leaf paper stapled together, but I called it a book! I wrote about my toys (nine little kewpie-type dolls, Raggedy Ann), words that my mom would give me (facetious), and things I wanted to do (fly in a plane, and in a hot air balloon). I wish I could find those papers, as I’m sure they were awesome stories!

As I grew, I wrote book reports (I love to read, too) and school papers, ‘thank you’ cards and Christmas letters. Surprisingly, it was a compliment on a ‘thank you’ card that started me on the journey to get serious about writing. It was shortly after my husband and I married. I had just managed to get all the ‘thank you’ cards from the wedding mailed when we attended his employer’s Christmas party. After being introduced to the boss’s wife, she turned to me and said, “I just have to tell you– that was the best ‘thank you’ card I’ve ever received! So personal, so well-written!”

Soon after, my mother-in-law made a similar comment about the Christmas letter I wrote. She told me I write just like I talk. I couldn’t imagine a better compliment! I started getting involved in writing anything I could: journals, company newsletters, jobs that involved writing, more Christmas letters, and correspondence with friends far away. I soon began looking for publishing opportunities.

Previously in My Published Life

It seems like a lifetime ago — and it almost is a lifetime for my youngest child — I wrote a column for a very popular family website. The Family was booming with recipes, crafts, and articles about family life. It was then bought out by some franchise place, and after a few years, it became stagnant. However, you can still find most of my articles there.

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Many of the above articles were reprinted at, and other web-zines. I’ve had articles appear at (no longer being published), where I also worked as the content manager, and in Cross & Quill (writers’ magazine), Homeschooling Horizons, and various other homeschool newsletters across the USA and Canada.

Currently in My Published Life

Today, most of my work is located at and While I still enjoy writing, I prefer to take what has already been written and mold it into the perfect piece of writing it is meant to be by using my skills as a copy editor. I’ve also dabbled a bit in website design. You could say I know enough to be dangerous. Ha!

If you are looking for a writer, I would love to talk to you about how I can help fulfill that need. Feel free to contact me!