Helping Other Mothers Everywhere

I’ve always loved the word “home.” To me, it signifies love, laughter, and safety. After I started homeschooling, it also took on the significance of learning and working! Home is where my heart is, that’s for sure. So, when I started writing, I branded myself as The HOME Writer. My goal was to help other mothers who homeschool. I then began to focus on any and all moms, which changed my acronym just a bit. To be honest, it’s stood for a few things over the years:

Helping Other Mothers Educate

This was my original acronym, and the one I used for a local homeschool group that met in my home. We were the HOME group, and we got together twice a month. Besides running the meetings, I also put out a monthly newsletter.

Helping Other Mothers Everywhere

This is who I became when I spent a summer writing for a couple of different ezines. I enjoyed writing weekly articles for two different sites, but once our school started up again, I had to set it aside. Homeschooling is work! It’s like a full-time job, especially when you teach multiple ages/grades.

Helping, Organizing, Mentoring, EncouragingKelly Huckaby -- The HOME Writer

This is who I am now — who I’ve always been, really. I love helping  people  so much; I want to help every person I meet to be the best parent, the best employee, the best writer, the best entrepreneur, the best at whatever they do or whoever they are to those around them. I’ve helped budding novelists, seasoned writers, church leaders, and small business owners. Being a virtual assistant is a natural way to use the skills I’ve acquired over the years.

Check out my Hire Me page to see how I can assist you in your business (whatever that may be) as you step up to the next level. My joy comes from S.E.E.’ing as Jesus would: with support, edification, and encouragement.

I am the HOME Writer

How can I help you today?

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