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Services Offered

Perhaps you need on-going help in the form of basic virtual assistant services (customer service, email creation, newsletter creation, database management, live support during webinars, etc.), content management for your blog (assigning articles, scheduling posts, managing the editorial calendar, sourcing/editing photos, moderating comments, etc.), or social media management (promote new posts across all platforms, revive old posts, set up and maintain accounts, curate content, administrate groups, pages and forums, interact with followers, etc.).  Or perhaps you need someone to do a little of everything–a Girl Friday of sorts. For ongoing work, I offer retainer packages based on the number of hours you need help.

Retainer Packages:

  • 1 hour/week = $130/month or $30/week
  • 6 hours/month = $150/month
  • 5 hours/week = $650/month or $150/week
  • 20 hours/month = $600/month
  • 10 hours/week = $1,300/month or $300/week
  • 40 hours/month = $1,200/month

Or maybe you need help with a special project? Maybe some direction to “get the ball rolling” to the point where you can manage it yourself. Or maybe you just need someone to help you “catch up” on a project you’ve let fall by the wayside. I can help with that, too.

Special Projects:

  • One-time full website edit –
    • Starts at $200
  • Facebook “page” set up –
    • $50
  • Facebook “group” set up –
    • $50
  • Facebook “group” administration –
    • (Starts at) $50/week or $200/month

How can I help you today?