You Already Have a Great Membership Program!

But finding the time to create new content isn’t easy when you need to load videos, nurture your members, market your program, and monitor payments. Some days you’re ready to burn it all down!

I get it. There are a lot of moving parts, and keeping them all moving is a bigger job than you expected.

You want to serve your clients, but the behind-the-scenes operations and systems take forever to do because tech stuff is not your strong suit.

Maybe you’ve tried to keep it simple, but now your program layout seems “all over the place.”

Your clients reach out with questions about their payment, their access, and their need for more help from you, but you can’t fit another thing into your schedule.

And then it happens… your clients lose interest and your churn rate starts to grow.

How can you stop the cancellations and keep your members engaged?!

Friend, that’s where I come in.

I cater to Christian female coaches and entrepreneurs with membership model businesses to help them reduce churn, boost retention, and streamline operations so they can focus on serving their clients. Let me come alongside you to manage your membership and watch your community thrive!

I’m growing my team of Membership Mavens and we’re ready to step into your business. We keep the backend systems updated, help your members create connections, and care for your clients with the same passion you have. This leads to less cancellations and transformed members — and it gives you the ability to focus on being the face of your brand.

As your membership manager, we uphold your values and work closely with you to be sure your message is kept on-brand. Each person who joins your membership is encouraged, supported, and held accountable for moving forward in your program. The backend systems are kept up-to-date and automated as much as possible to be sure your members know you care about their success.

While you are the face of your membership, we take on your voice to keep your clients engaged and satisfied. We’ll even reach out and work to re-engage those who fall away.

Your success is our #1 goal. We’re here to assist you (the CEO of your growing business) to keep moving forward, to take that next step, to serve your customers and clients.

Ready to talk more?

Choose one, two, or all three to create the package you need.


Hey, Friend! I’m Kelly!

After raising six children (four of them boys!) and graduating them all from our homeschool, I thought I would continue with my volunteer work at our church. But, as is often the case, life has other plans.

“And now, Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in You.

Psalm 39:7

So, I took inventory of my skills and my talents and set off on a course to become a virtual assistant. But I didn’t stop there…