The Skills You Need in an Assistant



You need an assistant you can depend on, someone you can trust with sensitive information, someone who will uphold your reputation online and off. You need to know the job will get done, without the need to check in every day.

Your success is my success. My strong responsibility skills keep me on track until the completion of the job. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy – and I’ll do whatever I can to “make it right” for you.




You need an assistant who isn’t afraid of relating with people, be it you or your clients/customers. Someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and verify answers. Someone who will solve customer/client issues in a timely manner.

Being a “relator” means I stay focused on the people I work with, not their title or status. Everyone will get the respect they deserve within your company and without – from the customer who buys a ninety-nine-cent book to the big-name client paying thousands of dollars for your services.



You need an assistant who can brainstorm ideas, think through problems, and communicate their thoughts clearly in writing. Written communication is vital in any business, especially yours.

Besides being a writer, I’m a thinker. I enjoy learning and improving myself. Although I work best from the beginning of projects, when I can see the big picture as well as the small details, I can also jump in mid-project, taking notes and observing to bring myself up to speed.




You need an assistant who is a cheerleader, someone who believes in you and what you’re doing. When your day gets discouraging, you need someone to encourage you to take risks, someone to provide the impetus to keep moving and striving toward your business goals.

There is power in Positivity. I will help you see the highlights of your business or product, keep you encouraged, and help you move forward through any situation.



There isn’t anyone else like you in the world. Your unique qualities make you the perfect person to run your business. Understanding what you need and what makes you unique is what intrigues me.

Relating well with people and spurring them on with a positive attitude is what makes me a team player. Whether it’s an established team or a brand new group of workers, I will get to know each person and their strengths so I can move projects toward completion in a timely manner.


As a person who drifts between being INFJ and ISFJ, I am capable of assisting you with the steps needed to realize your business goals while meticulously and consistently exceeding your expectations.


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