Hey, Friend!

They say when life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade.

I prefer to make lemon bars. (But lemonade is good, too!)

When my husband developed a chronic illness, I poured my years of administrative experience and organizational skills (from working in a corporate office to raising and homeschooling our children) into building a career I could do from anywhere at any time. I became a virtual assistant. But I didn’t stop there.

I invested in developing my skills and went on to become a certified Director of Operations as well as a certified Launch Manager. I took what I knew and molded it with my new certifications to create a unique blend of systems and personality. In other words…

I recreated myself into something bolder and better!

As a Business Consultant, I’m here to bring order out of chaos.

I cater to Christian female coaches and entrepreneurs who are visionaries. My clients see the big picture so easily, and know what they want to do. But often, they can’t decide what to work on first, so they try to do it all at once. This often results in half completed projects, products that take months (or even years) to complete, and customers who are frustrated.

I can help you brainstorm your ideas in a safe space, and analyze them to be sure there are no missing pieces. Templates and boundaries are key pieces of working with me. By the time we’ve finished our first week together, you’ll have a structured approach for moving forward.

As an Accountability Coach, I’m here to hold your feet to the fire so you get things done.

  • The ATTA Girl Framework. This is my proven method for staying on-track each week. (Spoiler alert: It brings God into the equation!)
  • Two Calls per Month. Enjoy the luxury of having a strategic partner come alongside you to brainstorm ideas, think through problems, and bring your brilliant ideas out of your head. It’s my goal to always be on the same page and moving your business forward.
  • Quarterly Strategic Mapping. In our ever-changing economy, it’s important to review your goals each quarter.

My core values are to S.E.E. and A.C.T. as Jesus would. I offer Support, Encouragement, and Edification while being Above Reproach in my actions, providing stellar Customer Care, and offering Total Honesty in all our conversations.

Does any of that sound appealing to you?