Hey, Friend!

They say when life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade.

I prefer to make lemon bars. (But lemonade is good, too!)

When my husband developed a chronic illness, I poured my years of administrative experience and organizational skills (from working in a corporate office to raising and homeschooling our children) into building a career I could do from anywhere at any time. I became a virtual assistant. But I didn’t stop there.

I invested in developing my skills and went on to become a certified Launch Manager as well as a certified Director of Operations. I took what I knew and molded it with my new certifications to create a unique blend of systems and personality. In other words…

I recreated myself into something bolder and better!

My newest project is my agency, The Membership Mavens.

We cater to Christian female coaches with membership model businesses by reducing churn, boosting retention, and streamlining operations so they can focus on serving their clients. Our goal in managing your membership is to create a thriving community. But we don’t stop there!

If you’ve not yet launched your membership, The Membership Mavens can help. If you need to relaunch your membership, The Membership Mavens can help. If you only need your backend systems organized and automated, or if you only want your community managed, The Membership Mavens can help. There are so many moving parts to a membership — that’s why I started an agency!

Membership management has become my sweet spot over the years, and my growing team is trained to help our clients with all of their needs. Our core values are to S.E.E. and A.C.T. as Jesus would. We offer Support, Encouragement, and Edification while being Above Reproach in our actions, providing stellar Customer Care, and offering Total Honesty in all our conversations.

There are three key parts to working with us:

  • Communication. Our clients depend on us to uphold their reputation and deal with sensitive information while completing tasks in a timely manner. We often take on the voice of a client in order to interact with their clients. Everyone is treated with respect and in a professional manner, whether it’s someone who bought a 99-cent book or the CEO of a six-figure business.
  • Strategy. Our clients appreciate the luxury of having a strategic partner come alongside them to brainstorm ideas, think through problems, and bring their brilliant ideas out of their heads so they can communicate their needs clearly to their team and their customers/clients. It is our goal to always be on the same page.
  • Accountability. Who doesn’t love an in-house cheerleader? We believe in the work our clients do and often act as the impetus to spur them on (and their clients!) to reach their goals. We’re committed to creating relationships that move projects forward in a timely manner.

Does any of that sound appealing to you? Would you like to talk more?